Kinship Policy/Practice Resources

The New York State Kinship Navigator provides information, referral and assistance to not only kinship caregivers in New York State, but professionals working with kinship caregivers as well.

Please refer to the links on this page for more information on:

* Kinship Policy – reports, information on the New York State Kincare Coalition, Summit Reports, Trainings, Grant Opportunuties, Job opportunitites, Webinars, and other current kinship developments.

*Media Library: Provides information on recent kinship publications via media outlet- PSA’s, kinship program videos, and other media publications

*Navigator Flyers – Provides information on the New York State Kinship Navigator for dissemination

*for Attorneys-Information on current kinship law as well as announcement on current CLE trainings

*Director’s Publications – Authored by Gerard Wallace, Program Director